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This week the best eLiquid deals have been found at who are quickly becoming a major player in supplying good value eLiquid, e Cigarettes and accessories in the UK and Europe. Their 2013/14 eLiquid deals are some of the best you’ll find on the web and judging by the reviews on the site the liquids taste quite good too !

BEST DEAL: 4x 10ml bottles £9.99 or £2.50 per 10ml, with a fixed packing and postage charge at £2.99

There are a few tobacco and fruit flavours that haven’t been reduced that remain at the £4.99 price point for 10ml, but the ones that are on offer are also available in 20ml and 30ml quantities.

10ml e liquid: £3.99 with a fixed packing and postage charge at £1.99
20ml eliquid: £7.25, with a fixed packing and postage charge at £1.99
30ml e liquids: £9.99 for 10ml, with a fixed packing and postage charge at £1.99

**STOP PRESS** Add DISCOUNT CODE [MYCIGGYDOTCODOTUK] at the Checkout and receive 10% OFF ANYTHING YOU’VE ORDERED + GET FREE SHIPPING by spending £25 or more! – Valid until 28th Feb 2015

Our testers flavours are on order: 10ml Blueberry, 10ml Cowboy Gold, 10ml Menthol, 10ml Cherry, 10ml Strawberry all in 18mg! We’ll be back with our taste testing results for this months cheap eLiquid supplier soon!

MyCiggy eLiquid UK deals can be seen here

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  • Charlie

    Hey I was a smoker for almost 25 yrs. started in high school. Was around my wife and kids smoking killing them softly, and now I have grandchildren, i had to quit. I tried the gums, and looked like some animal chewing grass all day, by the time I stopped the gum I looked like a major league ball play from the 70’s with that big mouthful of chewing tobacco. I went back to cigarettes. I then tried the patch, at first it was alright, descreet then after a few weeks I was covered in red patches from the sticky really sticking and pulling off skin, i was wearing 3 at a time and was jacked up like some coke head woo this feels good wooo hoo pass out…nicotine overdose…I went back to smoking, like a dumb ars. then this new way to quit smoking came out, the e-cigarette, i tried it was descret that i was trying to quit, looked kidda like a cig, felt kinda like a cig, was comfortable, but I noticed after a while i was still smoking cigarettes but not as many as normal. but i wasn’t quiting just replacing, I needed a coach or some way to keep me in check if I was going to control this nicotine craving instead of letting it control me. that’s when I found MyCiggy’s nicotine craving control system, it’s still a vapor pen only this system comes with an APP that’s on your smart phone, or like me on every device I have, the vapor pen has a bluetooth chip in it so every time you take a puff it get recorded and you can set up to 3 different plans to help you actually wing yourself, and quit. I am not an affiliate or salesperson for this company I just liked it, it helped me, and I thought I would let people know it works. look no links here, but please if your trying to quit smoking give MyCiggy a chance.